The Lord’s Prayer

Matthew Six Colon Nine Dash Thirteen Period.

It is still a valid prayer.

Why proclaimed Christians seek to undo the teachings of Jesus I do not understand. Has his kingdom come? Are you standing in the presence of God?

When you pray, remember Matthew 6:9-13. It is the Lord’s instruction. Followers of Jesus keep his words and cherish his every instruction.

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The Closemindedness of Denominationalism

Today I heard a strange invitation to Bible Study, Come to our Wednesday morning Bible Study, I’m sure it will benefit you more than us.

Two things I notice right away. Your comment reveals a sense of division rather than unity and you are assuming that you know more than me.

I have noticed similar statements on TBN, Trinity Broadcasting Network, one of which was Cafe Theology. They said something like, We don’t welcome disputation of the word or argument is not welcome at our church.

That would be fine if everyone taught the truth, but the Word was given for reproof and instruction. The manner reproof is delivered can make a difference and certainly church services should be orderly.

BUT, what these statements reveal is your closemindedness. Like the scribes and Pharisees of old, you have passed learning, and everything you profess is true and correct. Jesus said that out of the treasures of our heart we speak. If you are right don’t be afraid to speak the truth. If your church group puts you out, remember likewise did the synagogues of old to those that confessed Jesus is Christ.