4 thoughts on “Whatever That Means

  1. The majority of Name Christians do not seem to fear God, and are not willing to keep His commandments though they should know “this is the whole duty of man.”
    They prefer to worship a Trinity instead of accepting that there is only One true God, the God of Jesus Who is the God of Abraham, an eternal Unseen Supreme Being. Furthermore they also keep to all sorts of heathen rituals and heathen festivals instead of keeping to the days and festivals of God.
    Those name Christians also do not keep the commandments of Christ who worshipped not himself but his heavenly Father. Jesus also asked his followers to worship his heavenly Father and to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of God (what not many of them do).


    • You do well to keep the commandments of God and there is much to be learned by keeping the Old Testament feasts. But is your religion in vain? I fear it may be if you do not know Jesus is God. Truly Jesus reveals the Father to whom he will, but then the Father shows us Jesus is Messiah. Jesus is Christ. Jesus is God. The Holy Ghost who is the Spirit of Truth is also God. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are the Godhead and they reveal each other to whom they will, both by the written word or Holy Bible and Divine Revelation.


      • Do you not believe God is an eternal omniscient omnipotent all knowing loving righteous God? In case Jesus is God he either is not an all knowing god who can be everywhere at once and be the most high, because Jesus was lower than angels and before his death he still did no know a lot of important things or he lied about the end times and the places in his kingdom.


      • You must come to understand the trinity is composed of individual entities. Jesus was a man on Earth. The Father has said to Jesus all I have is yours. Indeed Jehovah is all knowing and all powerful, but when he can give any power to Jesus at any time you are just looking for argument rather than understanding. Jesus lowered himself to become human and now after his resurrection he sits above any power or principality as a member of the Godhead at Jehovah’s right hand.


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