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Use My Name

I have been thinking on prayer. 100% of the time at the Church I attend “in Jesus name” is how prayer is ended. But must it always be so?

When we pray. We pray to the Heavenly Father. When we pray, we pray through or with Jesus his Son. Not just in his name, but actually with him. I believe that we should pray with Jesus as our attorney, our advocate, our mediator. In a courtroom today we don’t say to the Judge, in the name of my attorney. We go to the attorney ourselves, who then with us makes our wishes and pleas known to the Judge.

Certainly the Heavenly Father is a Great Judge. And when I pray I will try to end those prayers with … through you Jesus my Saviour I pray, rather than simply ending the prayer with in the name of Jesus. I think the former conveys a healthier and more active relationship with Jesus and with our Heavenly Father.


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